Kaupunginpuutarhurien Seura ry, The Association of Municipal Green Area Managers, is an ideological association founded in 1935. The aim of KPS is the co-operation of its members and the representation of the members in various functions. The main objectives are to enhance Finnish landscape and gardening culture and to raise the overall appreciation of the landscaping sector. KPS organises seminars and events, meetings and excursions and participates actively in the development and research of the landscaping field.

In order to gain a membership in KPS, one needs to hold a leading position in town’s or municipality’s green area organisation. In 2008 there are 171 members. A member application is approved by the association’s board.

Association’s activities

• Representing its members
• Participating in the development of the Finnish landscaping sector as widely as possible and also participating in the development of town planning with all interest parties.
• Giving opinions and comments on proposals in landscaping matters.
• Keeping in contact with decision-makers.
• Organising meetings and training for members and interest groups.
• Coordinating the work of green sector in municipalities.
• Working for and maintaining international landscaping contacts.

KPS has created a unique and coherent classification of green area use and maintenance for Finnish landscaping sector. The classification works also as a base for statistics and can be used for comparing the green area maintenance of different cities as well for the development of the landscaping costs. The association has followed the costs since the funding.

The association is a member of the Finnish Association for Landscape Industries (Viherympäristöliitto ry, www.vyl.fi). Co-operation with other similar associations abroad has been active since the funding of KPS and the co-operation in other Nordic countries, in the Baltic states and in Middle-Europe has lately even strengthened. KPS has been a member of IFPRA:n (the International Federation of Parks and Recreation Administration) since 1972.